Mobile Voting in an Obscure Election

by msjones

Voting is in the air, already. Chances are you’ve never heard of the King Conservation District elections, until this year. In 2019, the election of a new board supervisor had a *whopping* 0.3% turnout. In an effort to make voting easier, this year the King Conservation District has partnered with King County Elections, Democracy Live, and Tusk Philanthropies to offer mobile voting. Opinions vary as to whether mobile voting is a good idea, but you can get the details below. Read more

2020 Legislative Preview Recap

by msjones

The Washington State Legislature plays a vital role in shaping our communities. From education to affordable housing to taxes, the policies they craft and approve impacts daily life across the state. Representatives and Senators convene annually for anywhere from 60 days to six months to establish policy, develop the bi-annual budget, and debate Washington’s most pressing topics. Read more

Happy New Year – See what we accomplished in 2019

by msjones launched in late 2018 to better connect the local tech workforce with our community. The need was clear — those working in tech want to better understand and engage in solving our region’s most pressing problems. The opportunity is significant as the workforce numbers near 300,000 citizens who want to see our region thrive. Read more

Inspirational Innovators: Find a Community and Get to Work!

by msjones

Employees across Seattle are making a difference. It’s easy to get involved in small or large projects and to make an impact – every little bit helps. We love seeing innovation workers show up! Read about Seattle’s Inspirational Innovators, get excited, and find tips on how you can help.

This month we speak to Charmila Ajmera, Sales Readiness Program Manager at Tableau and part of the Diversity & Inclusion council at Tableau.

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