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We are building a vibrant, inclusive, and thriving community and innovation economy across the Seattle region.


sea.citi is a tech industry nonprofit strengthening our region by promoting civic engagement and building relationships between community, government, and innovation workers.


sea.citi activates our local tech industry as a force for community engagement and civic action. We design and deploy campaigns across the industry on critical civic issues to raise awareness, garner support, and build pathways for action. We work in partnership with existing community organizations to strengthen programs, organizations, and impact.

Launched in late 2018, sea.citi has hosted 44 events with 1,504 attendees from tech to learn about and take action in the community. Our social impact work focused on digital equity and career-connected learning has distributed $385k through targeted initiatives and supported hundreds of local students and families.

Housing Affordability. Climate Change. Transportation Infrastructure. Digital equity. We tackle important community topics that lead to shared prosperity in our region.

The sea.citi membership is made up of local tech companies representing 85,000+ local workers. By providing straightforward pathways for engagement and understanding, sea.citi makes it easy for tech companies and employees to get involved in our community.


We began 2020 with a grand vision for the year. Like many, we had no playbook for a global pandemic, economic crash, or national demonstrations for racial justice. As the uncertainty of 2020 set in, we doubled down on what we do best – connecting tech with our local community. Fortunately we had the right tools at hand: strong corporate members, firm community relationships, and a whole lot of grit. This – our second year of operations – would turn out to be a true test of our model.

See what we accomplished in 2020


2019 Annual Report


Nicholas Merriam | CEO

Nicholas Merriam | CEO

Nicholas Merriam is the Chief Engagement Officer for sea.citi and oversees strategy, operations, partnerships and member recruitment.

Erika Jones-Clary | Consultant

Erika Jones-Clary | Consultant

Erika Jones-Clary is the Principal of MsJones Design and is a marketing and communications consultant for sea.citi.


Eileen Sullivan, President

Eileen Sullivan, President

Eileen Sullivan is the President of Sullivan Advocacy.

Stephen Uy, Vice President

Stephen Uy, Vice President

Stephen Uy is Head of Public Policy and Community Engagement, NW at Facebook.

Katherine Cheng, Treasurer

Katherine Cheng, Treasurer

Katherine Cheng is the Head of Global Corporate Citizenship and Community Relations for Expedia, Inc.

Steve Schwartz, Secretary

Steve Schwartz, Secretary

Steve Schwartz is the Director of Public Affairs for Tableau Software.


sea.citi’s Board of Directors includes representatives from some of Seattle’s most significant employers.

Tom Alberg

Tom Alberg | Madrona

Tom Alberg is the Co-Founder of Madrona Venture Group and Director of Impinij, Inc.

Anna Boone

Anna Boone | Zillow

Anna Boone leads government relations and public affairs across WA State at Zillow

Janice Dearlove

Janice Dearlove | Amazon

Janice Dearlove is the Director of Global Employee Engagement at Amazon

Maria Karaivanova

Maria Karaivanova | WhyLabs

Maria Karaivanova is the Co-Founder and COO of WhyLabs

Heather Redman

Heather Redman | Flying Fish Partners

Heather Redman is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Flying Fish Partners.

Susie Vowinkel

Susie Vowinkel | Google

Susie Vowinkel is Industry Director, Travel at Google.

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