Our Work

sea.citi works to strengthen the region by promoting equitable and inclusive civic engagement.

We engage with and connect tech and innovation workers to each other and to opportunities in their community. sea.citi brings together tech through hands on volunteering and programming designed to bring local community to life. We regularly support local public schools, investing in the future of our city and industry. We promote civic engagement by encouraging voting. Learn more about our work below.


Inequities in digital access have been spotlighted by COVID-19. More than ever students need access to computers, internet, and technical support, however, these resources alone do not increase equitable access. Drawing on extensive relationships across education and tech, sea.citi ensures local students can continue learning in the virtual environment.

Family Tech Support Center

FTSC a public-private partnership between sea.citi, Seattle Public Schools, Alliance for Education, Amazon in the Community, Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, and parent and tech volunteers.

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Learning Events

To help tech workers better understand what was happening on the ground, we invite people working on solutions to explain the breadth and depth of the challenges administrators, educators, students, and families face.

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The greenlight fund reaches students and families directly. Through regular contact with students, staff unearth and react quickly to their emerging needs.

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Local initiatives and candidates impact daily life far more than national politics. But when it comes to navigating the ballot, it can feel wonky, boring, or event painful. sea.CIVICS demystifies local politics for tech workers by connecting issues and candidates with real life.

Ballot Education & Voter Guides

Our ballot education workshops & Guides provide workers an introduction to civic life in Seattle and cover the important – but lesser known – topics on the ballots.

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Election & Policy Events

We want to make sure tech workers in King County have all the necessary information to submit their ballots, regardless of how they voted, and understand what happens next.

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Tech Civic Survey 2021

The online survey of Puget Sound tech workers was conducted June 9 – August 13, 2021*, and distributed via invitation from employers, industry organizations, and social media. 467 tech employees have contributed to the survey.

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