Tech Civic Survey 2021

TECH CIVIC SURVEY 2021 promotes civic engagement in the local tech sector by building relationships between community, government, and innovation workers.

In an effort to explore the attitudes, community engagement patterns, political leanings and demographics of tech workers, whose presence in and financial contribution to the Puget Sound region is growing, is pleased to work with EMC Researcha second time—to explore the opinions of tech workers in the region. The study also delved into how remote work has been transforming those characteristics.

The online survey of Puget Sound tech workers was conducted June 9 – August 13, 2021*, and distributed via invitation from employers, industry organizations, and social media. 467 tech employees have contributed to the survey.

* during this, many companies were working on their return-to-office strategies for the future; employees were still working from home.

Tech workers care about and are engaged in local issues


…say implementing solutions to support individuals and families experiencing homelessness are important
(55% extremely important)


…say ensuring affordable housing is available is important
(52% extremely important)


…say stopping climate change and climate disruption is important
(45% extremely important)

…And they have done something about it.

95% took action on these issues in the past year.


Took action around homelessness 78%
Donated money to an organization 45%

Affordable Housing

Took action around affordable housing 64%
Donated money to an organization 25%

Climate Change

Took action around climate change 72%
Donated money to an organization 37%

They Want to Be More Engaged

They want to contribute but sometimes don’t know where

“It would be great if there was a group that helped tech workers get to know local issues and provide some ways to engage and take action”





“I know where I can go to connect with other tech workers that are fighting for racial justice”

“I would like to do more personally to give back to the community”





“I am committed to do more to advance racial justice but I’m not sure where my talents and skills would best be used”

Many view their employer’s contribution positively

% Agree

73% - All things considered, my company has a positive impact on the community
72% - My company is doing a good job implementing DEI practices
71% - My company does a good job giving back to the community
64% - Workplace employee resource groups and employee affinity groups provide a positive space to support discussions on racial justice
62% - My company is advancing racial equity in the community by allocating financial resources, time, and civic advocacy
56% - There are clear ways I can help to advance racial equity inside of my company

Vaccination is almost universal

Nearly all Puget Sound Tech Workers are vaccinated



A third of those who are not vaccinated say they want to see how vaccines work for other people before they get vaccinated themselves; and another third say they will not get vaccinated.

A third were comfortable about working in an office at the time of the survey, Another third would return to the office if COVID vaccines are required, 1-in-5 were not sure when they would feel safe in an office.

Remote work has changed some things for good

Most prefer a hybrid work model


…anticipate working from home at least 2 days a week in the future.


…prefer a hybrid model moving forward.


…already have moved, or are planning to move to a new home because of remote work options.

Those who express a preference for working remotely in the future are more likely to move to a new home.

Most of residential movement is within Puget Sound; either to a similar setting as their previous home or to suburbs.

Moving forward, these choices will transform Puget Sound

Tech workers anticipate changes in their engagements


will definitely spend less time “Downtown”


…say they will be more connected and invested in their own town or neighborhood, and less in where their office was or “Downtown”


…say they will definitely have more family time