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At, we’ve prided ourselves on bringing compelling events and campaigns to tech campuses. From in-depth conversations with experts about regional homelessness to voter outreach, our programming centers around helping tech workers understand local issues and meaningfully participate in our communities.

As we adjust to a new normal, we’ve ramped up our efforts to keep tabs on how tech is responding to COVID-19 and share ways individuals can help. We know we can’t wait until “all of this is over” to more deeply investigate how our region moves into an uncertain future. We’re excited to offer an opportunity to connect with local leaders, across sectors, to help shed light on the pandemic’s shorter-term impacts and envision ways to leverage our community assets for equitable recovery.

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Our new event series, Beyond the Build, shines a light on collaborations between tech companies and the public and nonprofit sectors. We know that our strengths can be complementary and accelerate the path to livable, sustainable, and equitable communities.

Join and OneEastside to learn more about Covid’s impact on regional transportation and the opportunity to build back sustainably.

Covid-related disruptions to transportation are complex and can’t be overestimated. Some of these disruptions provided opportunities to rethink how we get around — there’s a national bicycle shortage as demand soared; many cities closed streets to non-essential vehicles to allow more ways for residents to safely get outside; WFH and hybrid work will undoubtedly change the flow of traffic and people throughout the region.

As we begin to see a way out of restrictions, how does our region balance the pandemic’s impact on transportation with long-term environmental sustainability goals?

Join local experts to learn more about how we’ll get around post-pandemic and the promise of a more sustainable transportation future.


  • Heidi Speight, Transportation Program Manager, Tableau-Salesforce Puget Sound
  • Matt Shelden, Deputy Executive Director, Planning & Integration, Sound Transit
  • Jonathan Hopkins, Director of Government Relations, Lime and Executive Director, Seattle Subway (moderator)


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