Events brings together regional tech leaders & employees, community leaders, and policymakers to discuss solutions for regional issues.

At, we’ve prided ourselves on bringing compelling events and campaigns to tech campuses. From in-depth conversations with experts about regional homelessness to voter outreach, our programming centers around helping tech workers understand local issues and meaningfully participate in our communities.

As we adjust to a new normal, we’ve ramped up our efforts to keep tabs on how tech is responding to COVID-19 and share ways individuals can help. We know we can’t wait until “all of this is over” to more deeply investigate how our region moves into an uncertain future. We’re excited to offer an opportunity to connect with local leaders, across sectors, to help shed light on the pandemic’s shorter-term impacts and envision ways to leverage our community assets for equitable recovery.

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Our new event series, Beyond the Build, shines a light on collaborations between tech companies and the public and nonprofit sectors. We know that our strengths can be complementary and accelerate the path to livable, sustainable, and equitable communities.

Join members for a deeper look at effective strategies to address racial inequities internally and in the communityThere is no shortage of news about racial injustice.

We know there is much work to be done but we also know that there are companies taking tangible steps beyond making statements of support. Join members for a deeper look at effective strategies to address racial inequities, and how those strategies are integral to how we emerge from over a year of uncertainty.

We’ll ask them about:

  • Leveraging customer obsession and brand for equity
  • Infrastructure for inclusion and belonging that results in worker satisfaction, retention and promotion
  • Community engagement, investments, and accountability beyond the tech campus
  • Policy positions beyond partisanship

And if you work at a member company, we’ll have additional breakout sessions with the panelists following the public event .

Panel Discussion

  • Kim Vu, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Remitly
  • Neal Myrick, Global Head of the Tableau Foundation, Salesforce
  • Stephen Uy, Head of Public Policy and Community Engagement, NW, Facebook

Election & Policy Events

Learning Events

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