Tech Civic Survey 2019

TECH CIVIC SURVEY 2019 promotes civic engagement in the local tech sector by building relationships between community, government, and innovation workers.

The Puget Sound region has grown to 300,000 tech workers but little is known about their attitudes, community engagement, demographics, and civic interests. This report provides new insights on the interests of the local tech workforce and signals growing opportunity for the public to leverage. is building local community engagement programming for tech workers resulting in this market research report, conducted by EMC Research.

Local tech companies and regional tech industry groups distributed the online survey to tech workers via newsletters, direct emails, tech company intranet postings, and internal slack/chat sharing.

The survey garnered 1,618 responses from 51 companies.

Insight 1

Tech workers are taking action
61% of respondents volunteered or donated on important regional issues in the last year

Insight 2

Tech workers care about the issues
The top three issues are homelessness, stopping climate disruption, and ensuring affordable housing

Insight 3

Tech workers vote local
Most respondents are registered locally and many vote regularly

Insight 4

Tech workers plan to vote in 2019
82% of respondents plan to vote in the 2019 local elections

Insight 5

Tech workers want more engagement
An overwhelming majority of respondents (72%) agree there should be a group to help them get to know local issues and provide ways to engage and take action

Activating the innovation economy as a force for civic engagement in Seattle