We have not centered our work on the experience of Black folks in tech — nor in the community — in the past and do not want to be disingenuous claiming solidarity with the movement for Black lives. We want to avoid the cycle of private outrage → public statement → donation → silence + inaction while also knowing that Black Lives Matter.

We know some of our Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC), and ally readers fight this battle every day. We also know that recent events have inspired people to leave the sidelines and speak up for the first time — and there are many of us who fall somewhere in between.We acknowledge that undoing anti-Blackness and deep-seated systemic racism is work one must commit to for a lifetime and we have hope this is a true turning point in history. In’s programming, we are committed to not shying away from naming the forces that perpetuate racial inequities and amplifying meaningful equity work both in tech and in the community.

If you want to take action or better understand the issues there are plenty of resources out there — the internet is your friend. Our friends at Tech:NYC have compiled a comprehensive list of actions and learning resources. Black Tech for Black Lives invites Black tech workers and leaders to commit to strategically lend their voices and resources. For Seattle-specific actions, check out The Evergrey and KEXP’s resource page. If you are ready to dive deep into hard questions, read Melia LaCour, writing in the South Seattle Emerald, who makes A Call to White People.