Joining sea.citi provides you a suite of community connected benefits

sea.citi is the voice of tech in the community. We connect our members with local elected officials and community leaders to discuss pressing issues in our region. Members can volunteer and take part in partnerships that serve the broader Seattle community.

Provide your team with meaningful engagement

Equity: support diverse talent with professional development and networking for ERG leaders

Smart voters: employees get nuanced, nonpartisan analysis of critical local ballot initiatives

Access: get to know civic leaders and local issues, ask questions and give your input

Grow your brand with impactful stories

Megaphone: amplify your good work in community through our network

Impact: our projects enable the highest and best use of volunteer time

Access strategic partners to maximize your resources

Data: gain actionable employee insights from our Tech Civic Survey

Partners: sea.citi’s authentic relationships with community organizations reduces community friction

Annual Membership Pricing

Hometown Hero ………. $100,000

10,000+ employees

Champion ………. $50,000

5,000-10,000 employees

Activator ………. $25,000

2,000-5,000 employees

Supporter ………. $10,000

500-2,000 employees

Start-up Special ………. $2,500

Less than 500 employees

All packages include:

  • Access to all sea.citi events
  • Access to strategic community partnerships
  • Employee volunteer and engagement campaigns
  • Affinity network for your ERG leaders
  • Tech civic survey results
  • Web and newsletter branding
  • Publicize community stories on sea.citi channels
  • Shared story creation and media pitching*
  • Speaking opportunities*
  • Featured event sponsorship*

*Opportunities as available



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