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Education is frequently the foundation for working in tech and innovation; it’s why we love supporting local public education. It is the vital first step to most meaningful and economically rewarding jobs. Seattle, with one of the most vibrant tech scenes in the country, should be the biggest champion of local public education as it supports a dynamic, diverse, and vibrant local economy. We are up to that challenge!

Not only is here to help connect our innovation economy with local schools, but we also pay close attention to emerging civic issues. Having just voted in February it’s hard to believe that things are already gearing up for November 2019. What’s hot this fall? City Council where there’s already 43 candidates running for seven seats, four of which are up for grabs. We will be keeping an eye on the races and providing ways for you to learn a bit about the role of the Council in our city and how they influence all the important issues you care about. In the meantime, make sure to not accidentally throw away your democracy vouchers they might come in handy.

Spring Forward!

Nicholas Merriam CEO

Supporting schools all month long, in spite of the snow

February was a great month for us to be rallying support for our local public Schools. We hosted an event at Vulcan where we talked about the promised benefits of McCleary, its shortcomings, and why the upcoming levies were important. We endorsed the local levies to make sure our district has access to the resources it needs to thrive. Then, we got to work by showing teachers we appreciate them at Van Asselt Elementary and South Shore K-8. Do you want get involved? Follow us on Twitter and you’ll be the first to know.

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Propositions 1 & 2 pass with flying colors

Last month Seattle residents cast their votes to renew levies for Seattle Public Schools, which passed with approval around 70%. These dollars will be put to good use to make updates to existing schools, build new schools, and fund important staff like nurses.

Learn Why We Supported the Propositions

Awesome board members from Google and Rover join

Brent Turner is the Chief Operating Officer for, the largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers in the world, where he has helped the company rise from small startup to global category leader over the past five years. Previous to Rover, he held multiple executive roles in the Seattle area, including General Manager of Search and Display Network for Microsoft, Executive Vice President of Call Products at Marchex and President of Code Fellows.

Susie Vowinkel is the Industry Director for Travel, and site director for Google Seattle, Susie leads partnership efforts with some of the largest global brands in the industry. Her teams provide clear insight and strategy for partnership with Google across marketing, technology & product. She has been leading efforts in the travel industry for Google for the past 11 years. As site director Susie is overseeing site operations for over 2500 Googlers and head of Google’s women leadership program for the Seattle and Kirkland offices.

Meet the rest of Our Board

Partner Program:
Go deep on understanding Seattle homelessness with City Club’s Civic Boot Camp
Civic Boot Camp: Homelessness is an immersive, full-day program designed to give employees the tools to take action in the community. On April 19th, learn about the homelessness crisis in Seattle, and make the connections needed to implement change. After meeting at the Impact HUB in Pioneer Square, participants will take part in visits to shelters and hear from community leaders working on the front lines of this crisis. Register Today.