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As a significant and growing percentage of the local workforce, consumers, and tax base, the innovation economy has a meaningful role to play in our community. We see the challenges our cities face. Kids need mentors, skills, and connections to get great jobs. Homelessness seems ever persistent. Traffic is a pain. is here to help you understand and take action on the important civic issues that we’re all grappling with.

Great work is already being done. Companies regularly host volunteer opportunities and have philanthropy programs. Programs like Apprerenti at WTIA and Ada Developers Academy broaden industry inclusion and give career-changers the skills they need to get great jobs. But to make change, we need to do more. Our combined efforts in the community will not only make our city stronger but also continue to be a great place for tech to thrive.

Your city is better with you.

Nick, CEO

Career connected learning means kids are ready for jobs

We envision a future where any local student can get a job in our innovation economy if they want it. Our programming to support local K-12 public education is designed to ignite students’ interest in our field and provide them with some of the tools they need along the way. We bring students to local tech companies, host volunteer events, source school supplies, and bring STEM programming into the schools. As an innovation worker, over a few short hours you can team up with us and Pacific Science Center to help support this programming.

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Have you been following the Seattle City Council Elections?

We are gearing up for the biggest civic event of the year: the Seattle City Council Elections this November! With more than 50 candidates in the race for the 7 seats up for election on the Seattle City Council it can be a lot to track. We will be serving up tools and resources to help Seattle’s innovators stay engaged in this November’s local elections.

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Representing Seattle at the Tech City Summit 2019

Tech City Summit

Tech is booming. Not only in Seattle, but also in other cities like Austin and Nashville. Last week we joined six other cities to discuss how our industry can better engage with local community and policy makers. There were plenty of lessons to learn and many success stories to share.

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Get inspired: How you can make a difference in our community

Trying to figure out how to make a difference in Seattle? Look no further. We’ve been talking to innovation workers already engaged across our city to highlight a path for you to follow. You are now the lucky beneficiary of their wisdom, advice, and inspiration.

Meet an Inpirational Innovator

Partner Program:
Hack For Your Mother by DemocracyLab, Saturday May 11th
Hack For Your Mother is a convening of the local tech for good community to connect people who want to make a difference with local projects that need their help. It’s a chance to get inspired, imagine a better future, and contribute your talent. Check out the list of participating projects on DemocracyLab.