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Voting locally is the most impactful thing you can do in your community. From potholes to trash, transportation to homelessness, local elections have it all! Alas, local politics are never as *hot* as national and it’s a pain to find decent information about candidates.
That’s why we made the Candid Candidate Voter Guide.

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How will the many issues including hybrid work models and half-empty offices; economic instability that threatens vulnerable communities and businesses; diverse neighborhoods upended by gentrification and displacement; and rising costs of living that make it unaffordable for artists affect the future of the region.
Hear how community leaders hope to rebuild Seattle to be the city we want it to be.
Mike Lewis, Policy & Tech Reporter Geekwire, Moderator
Kate Becker, Creative Economy & Recovery Director, Office of King County
Ubax Gardheere, Equitable Economic Development Director, City of Seattle
Jon Scholes, President & CEO, Downtown Seattle Association