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The Stay Home, Stay Healthy order was issued 6 weeks ago. Washington State has shown we are willing to take collective action to fight the pandemic but we still have more work to do. As we continue to update you on tech’s response with this newsletter, our events will focus on giving you a closer look at what’s happening on the ground.

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COVID-19 Seattle Tech Response Roadmap to Recovery Series

Lunch & Learn

First up: Environmental Sustainability After COVID-19 — Thursday, May 14, 12:00-12:30pm PT

Join us for a conversation about environmental sustainability post-COVID19 with Michelle Connor, President and CEO of Forterra. More than a land conservancy, Forterra works with hundreds of partners to promote equitable and sustainable economic growth across Washington State. Hear from Michelle about how an organization committed to “saving nature by solving human problems” envisions our post-coronavirus future and what you can do if you care about local environmental sustainability. – REGISTER TODAY

On Deck: Essential Trips Only — Transportation Infrastructure & COVID-19 Thursday, May 21, 12:00-12:30pm PT

Join us for a conversation about transportation infrastructure post-COVID19 with Alex Hudson, Executive Director of Transportation Choices Coalition. – REGISTER TODAY


Shkelqim Kelmendi, Executive Director of Housing Connector tells us how his organization is ramping up efforts to make sure people who have recently exited homelessness aren’t losing their housing stability amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

We are so proud of the many examples of how our region is weathering the global pandemic. We’ve shared with you how employers are stepping up, how philanthropy is rallying resources and how individuals are contributing. The next step is putting faces to these bullet points, we’re already hearing from tech industry and community leaders and we want to keep adding to these inspiring stories — tell us yours!