by msjones msjones

At, we’ve prided ourselves on bringing compelling events and campaigns to tech campuses. From in-depth conversations with experts about regional homelessness to voter outreach, our programming centers around helping tech workers understand local issues and meaningfully participate in our communities.

As we adjust to a new normal, we’ve ramped up our efforts to keep tabs on how tech is responding to COVID-19 and share ways individuals can help. We know we can’t wait until “all of this is over” to more deeply investigate how our region moves into an uncertain future. We’re excited to offer an opportunity to connect with local leaders, across sectors, to help shed light on the pandemic’s shorter-term impacts and envision ways to leverage our community assets for equitable recovery.

Over the next several weeks you will hear about environmental sustainability, transportation infrastructure, homelessness, immigration, public education and the arts. We’ll recap those conversations here on our blog.