by msjones msjones launched in late 2018 to better connect the local tech workforce with our community. The need was clear — those working in tech want to better understand and engage in solving our region’s most pressing problems. The opportunity is significant as the workforce numbers near 300,000 citizens who want to see our region thrive. took a thoughtful approach to building informative and engaging programs tailored to the workforce. Our Tech Civic Survey of 1,600 tech workers from 51 companies unearthed insights on the civic and community behaviors of this growing population. We connected community leaders and workers to strengthen civic dialogue. Sixteen companies joined our membership and committed to supporting our work.

A year in, we remain convinced proactive civic dialogue and cross-sector collaboration is necessary to address the growing challenges in our region. Tech has brought our region world-class talent that is ready to pitch-in and lend a hand. Join us in 2020 as we continue to ignite civic action across the industry.

Your city is better with you.

Happy New Year! Nick, CEO 2019 Annual Report

In our first year of operations 650 workers attended events and volunteered in schools. We discussed current local transportation policy, highlighted innovative solutions to housing and homelessness, and learned how schools are funded. Innovators Engage brought together Seattle City Council candidates and workers to learn about each other. We delivered workshops on local civics across the industry and tabled at meet-up groups to ask tech to vote.

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Get inspired: How you can make a difference in our community

Sarah at Remitly

Figuring out how to make a contribution to our community can be hard; we’re here to help! Meet other innovation workers engaged in our community and learn hear how they put their unique skills to work. You are now the lucky beneficiary of their wisdom, advice, and inspiration. Hear from Sarah at Remitly and get inspired on how you too can get engaged.

Meet an Inspirational Innovator

New Member, wework!

wework is delighted to have wework join the membership. Founded in 2010, wework wanted to build more than beautiful, shared office spaces. Wework wanted to build a community. A place you join as an individual, ‘me’, but where you become part of a greater ‘we’. A place to redefine success measured by personal fulfillment, not just the bottom line. Welcome wework! welcomes Luanda Arai as Program Manager

Luanda spent the last decade implementing scalable solutions to complex social problems by building programs and partnerships across sectors and geography. Her work spans housing, homelessness, workforce development, social enterprise, and diversity, equity and inclusion. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Luanda moved to the U.S. as a teenager. She followed a path familiar to countless immigrants, working in the family restaurant for many years and being the first in her family to graduate from college.