by msjones msjones


As we continue to process this week’s events, our friends at Tech:NYC rallied many of our peers to put together a statement. We encourage you to add your name and share with your teams, encouraging them to sign on as well.

We support democracy.
We support voter and civil rights.
We support human rights.We condemn any effort—violent or otherwise—to denigrate our nation’s democratic institutions.

We stand with the many leaders who have called for President Trump to immediately be removed from office.

We, the undersigned members of the tech community, feel compelled to join with countless others who repudiate violence and are calling for an end to divisiveness and conspiracy in our country. We harbor no illusions that this statement will undo the damage done on January 6, or that it alone can begin to heal us. But, in this unprecedented moment we find it necessary to unequivocally state our values and beliefs, and reaffirm that democracy always chooses dialogue and respect over violence and threats.