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We hope you are all safe and warm after this week’s storm.

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Meet the Team

  • Name + Title: Nicholas Merriam, CEO
  • Hometown: Redmond, WA
  • Why Seattle? Seattle is the perfect paradox. Big city amenities with a small town feel. Always rainy with glorious sun.
  • Besides the obvious, like your smartphone/laptop/etc… what’s one piece of tech you can’t live without? Sonos/Spotify. It’s a game changer to not need wires and have all the music you could ever want at your fingertips. I also just got an ANGi bike crash sensor to use as I peddle kiddos around on our cargo bike. I hope by having it, I’ll never need it.
  • What community issue(s) do you think about all the time? Kids. In college I worked for the Boys and Girls Club and an emergency youth shelter on the weekends. Later, I joined the board of Friends of Youth for 6 years. Kids don’t get to pick the life they’re handed and every kid should get support, love, and opportunity.
  • What can anyone ask you for that you’ll happily oblige? Vegan cooking. I’m not officially vegan, but eat that way nearly all the time.