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Events are back! First up, our CEO Nick is joining our friends at to compare the tech policy landscapes of San Francisco and Seattle.

On deck, is launching a new event series: Beyond the Build. On February 23, we’re hosting a group of local leaders who will shed some light on short-term fixes and long-term solutions to our regional housing crisis.

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There are 3 humans on our team but the real WFH heroes are our emotional support staff!

Buckwheat and Alfalfa (sisters), Charlie, and Burd, act as a very vocal and opinionated board of directors for Erika’s family overseeing all activities. Rewarded with catnip, Temptations, and millet; individually they’re known to roam halls, desktops, and window sills. Most days they loudly judge that they need more attention, patrol the perimeter, and shove water glasses off tables.