by msjones msjones

Four years ago I began my journey with Starting with the belief that tech and community can build great impact together, we got to work. Tech companies and workers alike jumped at the opportunity to be more deeply engaged in our local region.

Over the last four years we held events that attracted thousands of people, funded critical community issues, provided skilled volunteers, and built dialogue across sectors. Today, the tech industry and its workers are more present in community life than ever before. Local nonprofits have found ways to better engage with tech and local governments have built incredible partnerships with the industry. The seed that started has indeed bloomed, and I could not be more proud.

Tomorrow will be my last day as’s CEO as I will soon begin a new journey with Housing Connector. Building and growing from a concept to a respected tech-impact brand has been a deeply rewarding experience for me, one that will shape the rest of my career. Your support and engagement means everything to our success, for that I offer you my deepest appreciation.

In community,

Nicholas Merriam, Co-Founder and Chief Engagement Officer


A message from Board President, Eileen Sullivan

I’d like to sincerely thank Nick for his skillful leadership over the past four years! The work we did together brought significant impact and visibility to tech in our local community because of his leadership. When we started we had visions of building a more cohesive and collaborative community; today that is a reality in great part, due to Nick’s strong, heartfelt leadership. The board is incredibly grateful for all the work he’s done and wish him well as he takes on new adventures.

As Nick steps down the board has engaged long-time program consultant Abigail Doerr to serve as the Interim CEO. We are excited to work with Abigail as continues to move forward.

Important work lies ahead of us as hybrid and remote work take hold and continue to change our local landscape. These shifts will have long-lasting impacts on communities, providing plenty of opportunity for tech to be a great collaborator. We look forward to continued partnership with you as we build a thriving and equitable region.

Best regards,

Eileen Sullivan, Board President